woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Day 2

The day started with a whole new concept, one of the team members came up with an idea in the evening of the first day.
It would be a huge sleeping bear, who travels the world:
- breathing: it has to look alive (inflate, deflate, inflate, deflate,...)
- dreaming: drawings of children of local schools are projected on the forehead/belly
The bear would be asleep: he's tired from all the travelling.
This bear could be a brown bear or a polar bear,
but when you make a huge inflatable polar bear it looks like you only have more advantages:
- underlying ecological idea
- white for projection
- more visually striking than a brown bear (specially in warmer climates)

In the afternoon we visited Extreme Creations who manufactures inflatables of all kinds.
They have created the know-how in their 16-years of existence to deal with all of our technical challenges and would definitely be able to deliver a durable quality product.
The best partner for an ambitious idea!

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