donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Day 3

We have decided to go with a polar bear and today we have been looking for different positions in which it could be standing.
It has to look like he's asleep so the bear could be lying on the ground
or leaning to against a wall, ...

The look of the polar bear still has to be fun and it can't scare away the little ones,
so we'll have to stylize it.

We have really explored the concept more thoroughly,
to give the impression the bear is breathing we would deflating it for several seconds and inflate it again, continuously.
There will be a snoring sound too, to make the whole bear really look alive.

When projecting the drawings of children into the bear, we that the whole bear will light up giving ambient coloring around the projection square.
It will be a true work of art on many levels, and we tried to give this inflatable a soul and purpose in this world.

Today the woman who gave us the assignment to design and conceptualise an inflatable piece of art, came to visit us,
we shared our vision for the project and she was really taken by it.

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