woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Day 1

Our project is to create an inflatable piece of art that puts a smile on the people of Kortrijk.
The team that's working on this project consists of 3 persons: Geert (2IPO), Mert (3IO), Valentijn (2IPO)

We had the idea to make a really big inflatable which you would be able to see from really far,
so we started the day off with looking for places in Kortrijk where we could put an inflatable.

After some constructive feedback from our teachers we realised that if you want to put a smile on peoples faces you have to surprise them.
So we have to put the inflatable just somewhere in the streets, on a spot where nobody would expect something,
it has to be funny, absurd, engaging.

You can have different kind of inflatables: static or interactive.
We started thinking of an interactive inflatable because people can really engage with it and have an experience
and a static inflatables might not be ambitious enough.
This inflatable could be blocking a road (make you think about moving around in a city) , or making it really narrow (forcing you to communicate with people from the opposite direction), or you have to go underneath it,...etc
It was quite the brainblizzard!

We ended the day with at least one thing decided : It had to be interactive.

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