dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Day 6

The final pose of the bear has been chosen, we have made a small clay model which combined our previous bears out of clay.
The belly of the bear should be big enough and form a vertical plane on which will be projected.

To manifacture our prototype we had to find an affordable fabric which we could inflate. We found a good fabric that suited those needs,
because PVC is too expensive and heavy for a prototype. We tested this fabric by inflating a tube with a hairdryer, and it worked.

Today we also had to make a "plan of attack", which shows the teachers how we are going to spend the second week.

Finally we started making a bigger bear of 50cm long in foam.
It's just a rough model of the bear that we are going to cover with automotive clay to make it smooth and to sculpt it further.
Then we are going to tape the bear and after that we cut the tape loose in patterns.
After that we magnify the patterns to the chosen scale and then we cut it out in fabric.
The final step will be sewing all the parts together to become our inflatable.

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